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I hear what you are saying. I just think there is a 0% chance of Del Rio playing that type of scheme. If he had any inclination to do so, we would see it this year as Ayers rots away on the bench. It's a subpackage option used a handful of snaps per game at best.

I think the reality, and what fans should probably anticipate, is that we are going to maintain the status quo next year because it has been so effective this year. And to do so, we're going to essentially utilize 34 personnel. That means Wolfe either stays as our two gap 5 tech, or we move him inside and draft another one to replace him, which would seem redundant.

The odds suggest we will play the same hybrid scheme, Wolfe will stay at DE, which is essentially a DT in our (or any 34) scheme, and we will plug DT with cheap, part-time players, likely including Sealver Siliga and Mitch Unrein, along with re-signing Bannan or Vickerson.
We are not playing a traditional 3-4.. We hybrid 3-4 fronts.. Which is what the 5-2 is.. But it's from the 4-3 just a shift and Miller at the LOS. But make no mistake it's 1 gapping, and that's what we do 90% of the time at a minimum.

The emphasis of Wolfe at DE is to keep from putting a safety in the box. It allows scheming the LBs and DBs. Wolfe can only bull rush.. You don't need to draft a DE, Hunter was going to play SDE.. Ayers and Jackson also can. If Ayers played SDE, he would generate more pressure than Wolfe, and still set the edge. So much attention would be on the edge that Wolfe and his bull rush would get home ALL the time! Throw in a disruptive NT and that's a dangerous front.

You draft a NT like Brandon Williams who is disruptive and has impressive size. You retain Big Vick and probably Silga and maybe throw in another Vet. You don't let Hunter walk when he can be resigned cheap. Jackson can back up Ayers..
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