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comparing cars to guns is sort of lame. Why not just say gun deaths acceptable because we want to keep our guns. Selfish but honestly its the truth. Many people would say I want to protect myself if the need arise, and if that means guns are out there for someone to use in a mass killing so be it. People just afraid to admit they are selfish and you want what you want regardless of the repercussions. Trying to tie it to automobiles is just a way of finding something everyone uses for life in the modern world so you can avoid saying I want to keep my guns and little kids getting shot doesn't change that. So instead gun people say well if we were all armed it would be safer. If the principal had an ak-47 things would be different. Or hey cars kill more people lets all ride horses......and carry a shotgun. lol.

I like my few firearms because if someone comes into my house i can shoot them. Or if once a blue moon arises and my friends want to go shoot birds i have a shotgun to do it. Some crazy killing kids should not change those rights so really there is no way to get guns out of populace. Also there is no way we aren't driving our cars. So we will just have to deal with it like a sane nation would.

Safer cars, DUI enforcement, better driver training, more security at schools, try and help strange loners more instead of letting them fall through cracks etc. And yes maybe even saying that every school will have a few teachers or principals with access to a firearm if some mass shooting starts going down. Can of worms right there though but maybe it could help. For sure though we need to make schools harder for people who dont belong there to get into. The question is where does the money come from schools already spending every penny they get.
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