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Ayers flashed, but he only played 17/66 snaps. Five at RDE spelling Dumervil. Twelve at LDE in our 4-3 package where we actually use a strong-side power end.

Wolfe played mostly at 5 tech at LDE while moving inside at times, including NT in some 3-4 looks. He almost always two gaps. So, there's no way in hell that in our current base 3-3-5 defense that Jason Hunter or Robert Ayers are playing two gap 5 tech. They aren't big enough to control two gaps and hold up against double teams.

The more success this team has, especially defensively, the more likely it is that Del Rio changes his original plan and just decides to keep this exact scheme for next year due to how effective it has been. That leaves Robert Ayers as a backup and subpackage contributor and leaves Jason Hunter on the street.

At DT, we're continuing to do an equal 3 man rotation between Bannan, Vickerson, and Unrein, all seeing roughly 25 snaps, which is about a third of the defensive snaps. That usage suggests we don't overly value the DT position, so it may not be a high priority in the draft. This is consistent with how Fox has used his DTs in the past, journeymen on high rotation, part time roles.

I could see a draft where we take multiple DEs and move Wolfe inside. I could see a draft where we leave Wolfe as is and draft multiple DTs. And I can even see a draft where we don't draft a single D-linemen and just keep things as is by re-signing Bannan and Vick. We can really go in any direction.
Did you take a look at the post above you..? I went in pretty good detail there.. I'm not talking about Hunter or Ayers two gapping.. I'm talking about them rotating in a 4-3.. More specifically in a 5-2 front. Hunter would have been the starting SDE!
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