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Originally Posted by fontaine View Post
Yes and no.

Flacco was hurried 16, 18 times, knocked around 8 times and sacked three times.

A lot of the damage came in the first half when guys like Vickerson, Ayers, Doom, Miller were taking turns knocking him around.

Their whole offense for 3 quarters was built around getting rid of the ball as quickly as possible to avoid the pass rush and it was only late in the 4th they started targetting the deeper passes.

Not much the QB can do when the pocket isn't clean, the run game is cold, and your best WR has a concussion.
he had chances to make plays even with all that and he flat out missed badly. there were a couple of times where he had Rice available to dump it down to and he kept trying to go down the field instead of picking up yards.

that would have taken some of the pressure off of him and backed the D up, kinda like when he was leading the drive to end the half. he hit a pass or two and we backed off to prevent a big play and then he screwed it up with the Carter pick six.
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