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Originally Posted by DENVERDUI55 View Post
Well whiz sends out Matt L because its not his guy and he had Warner on the roster already who Whiz didn't even have starting. He goes thru Hall, Bartel, skelton, Lindley, and he pused for Kolb. He was main guy after Kolb. He is supposedly a QB guru when in reality he had Warner who he rode his coat tails. Graves the GM has always let HC pick his guy at qb with Denny Green to Whiz. I live in AZ most of the time and GF has season tickets to cardinals so I do know a lot about them. In fact sports radio now is talking about how bad whiz has been developing Qbs.
I like Whiz, it would be stupid IMHO if he gets dropped after this year due to the situation at QB. Kolb was doing fine until he got injured. As for the other QBs I think it was stupid of Whiz to bench Skelton for Lindley. Why in the hell did he think a rook would do any better than Skelton is beyond me.

AZ should give Whiz one more year and see what happens. The defense is respectable while the offense is a mixed bag mainly due to the QB. If AZ dumps Whiz now I think they are pulling the plug one year too soon IMHO.
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