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Originally Posted by bronco_diesel View Post
I am sure I will get blasted for this...but I am beginning to think the Broncos are better with KM running the ball.

The main reason: he does not fumble. He is now producing at the same level as WM but is not fumbling. WM still has the edge on vision, but KM has come a long way and is a beast after contact.

I am really impressed with the kid!
I doubt you get blasted.

Denver IS better off running Moreno than McGahee.

Moreno has mostly got good yardage after contact ( when he didn't just trip), but he was always being hit in the backfield and made some terrific moves to just get back to the LOS the first two years. Then he got hurt in a major injury last year in November, and has just now become fully healthy again. In a way his timing was perfect, but I really think that the coaches want only ONE back active that has his type of skill set most game days , and that is why he was inactive for so long. McGahee was taking thsoe snaps.

Maybe he has been a slow learner...but he apparently HAS learned.

He is running hard, being patient with blocking and taking almost every yard there is available. And our lines blocking has still not been what it should be. Maybe he won't break off 40-60 yarders, but he is solid and has been getting over 20 touches consistantly , with NO turnovers or major mistakes. That is better than what McGahee was doing, and so I don't think McGahee will be the starter, even after he comes back. I do think he will be active if we get back to the AFCCG.
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