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Simon Fletcher

Originally Posted by colonelbeef View Post
Do you know how many coaches have resumes that even approach his accomplishments? Do you have any clue as to how absurd you sound?

Shanahan is 12th on the all time wins list, he needs no such thing. He will walk into the pro football hall of fame, with silly spoiled bronco 'fans' like yourself pouting.

He is simply underlining what was already known in the NFL- he's the best offensive coach in the NFL, and has the championship pedigree to prove it.
What the hell does his past accomplishments do for those that want to actually see him relive those aculades? No one has said we hate him now or hate him for bringing 2 rings to Denver. I am not kicking his dog. I am over his failures during his last 3 years in Denver as we are now on to better things in Denver but I don't forget them. I still love the good years. Only thing that sounds absurd is your excuses to not be able to blame his failures. He is human and not a God (sorry but the truth needs to be told) and made mistakes.
He is not the best offensive guru and shows how delusional you have become. You can't even be honest with that statement. If you really think his pedigree is going to be the ALL NOW of the NFL to win the SuperBowl in 2012 there has been changes in the game. I am sure you don't understand what happens to coaches that relied on the past. Monte Kiffen's Dad is gone from SC this last week. The game passed him up. It happens to many to some degree.
Redskins haven't clinched a playoff spot yet. Wait on the Super Bowl just yet. I would like to see the Redskins not fold next week and get into the playoffs. That would be a total turnaround from earlier in the year. Winning 9 games is a huge plus but with the extra pressure of the division champs, we shall see what Shanny comes out.

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