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Chris Harris

The NFL doesn't have a ROY award. Pepsi does, but the NFL specifically designates Offensive and Defensive ROY awards.

MVP is not going to Watt. This NFL will give it to a QB. Might as well rename it to the QBMVP.

Peterson will absolutely get OPOY.

Smith will not beat out Watt for DPOY. Smith is a one dimensional pass rusher. Watt just has better all around stats.

OROY is a toss up between Luck,Griffin and Wilson.

No idea with DROY.

Coach, not really sure but my vote would be for Carroll.

CBPOY will go to Peyton Manning.
Originally Posted by TheReverend View Post
Yes, Bronco shut out, but I have it going down differently:

MVP - Watt
OPOY - Peterson
DPOY - Aldon Smith
Coach - Either Pagano/Arians or Shanahan

ROY - Luck
OROY - Griffin (wouldve put him in ROY if he didnt miss due to injury)
DROY - Kuechly
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