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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by colonelbeef View Post
this has been gone over ad nauseum. He was turning over the entire roster, offense first. He went 8-8 with rookies and 2nd year players up and down the roster, and massive turnover from the 2005/06 teams on defense due to injury and age.

He was building a machine, and was cut short. Now he is once again building a machine in DC, doubters looking dumber by the day.

Shanahan is the best offensive mind in the game, how Broncos fans forgot is insanely stupid. Those questioning his defensive ability forget the 97-00, 05 teams.

He's an offensive coach first, therefore he likes to build his teams around smart, mobile QBs, excellent O-line play, seam threat TEs, one cut runners, play action, and balls of steel. If you focus on his defenses, you're completely missing the point.
Shanahan used to be the best Offensive mind in the game. He is still a top offfensive mind but Mike McCarthy and Sean Payton surpassed him awhile ago.

Second, one sided teams are mediocre. To only focus on offense is a sign of his reluctance to be a complete NFL HC. He has NEVER had a desire to work on the defense as a HC and still routinely micro-managed it anyway. He always wanted a defense that he could practice against versus one that could dominate in the NFL. And, it continues to rear its ugly head in DC.

I just hope he gets it one day and fixes his mediocrity. He has a lot of rare talent, his stubborness just prevents him from growing and getting any better than he was 14 years ago.

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