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Redskin/Bronco is already saying he is going to come on this board and search down SoCal to see what he says if Atlanta creams the Skins in the Playoffs (like Indy creamed the Broncos).... WTF. Really dude, you call yourself a fan but it is pretty obvious you are not enjoying this season and are looking for the Skins to fail. If the Redskins get killed by the Falcons in the playoffs that means they won a playoff game, that means they won their division. That is a great season for a team that won 6 games last year. Fans like this drive me nuts, I do not care who they root for.

Redskin/Broncos = No_Broncos.

Skins won 4 games in 2010, 6 games last year and 8 games so far this year and you are miserable. All I can say is go find a team you like.
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