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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by outdoor_miner View Post
I normally don't pay much attention to the announcers, but I said something to my wife during the game that I couldn't believe how slanted the announcing was. The whole theme was that the Ravens D was banged up (but giving a valiant effort), and that the Ravens O was struggling. Every game situation was stuffed into that narrative. It was really annoying.

Even today - most of the coverage has to do with how bad the Ravens O played. I've been reading quite a bit this morning, and I haven't seen any props to the Denver D. It is all how bad Flacco played. Also kinda sad that Chris Harris hasn't gotten more love. He is playing amazing, but the Pick 6 is entirely told from the side of Flacco's eff up. Harris made a really good play, but that has been neglected.

Anyway - I am fully aware that none of this matters. But - it is vaguely annoying.
This is the same attitude I've been getting from the media. They're willing to say good things about the Broncos, but don't put any enthusiasm in it. I guess they are blinded with tears of joy from worshiping Tom Brady and Bill Belichick. The only guy I've heard really saying, "Lookout for the Broncos" and meaning it, is Tony Dungy. I'm guessing the Peyton connection has something to do with that.

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