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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by Quoydogs View Post
I liked Shanny, but he had too much power. Seems to happen every time they give all the power to the coaches it's just too much to handle. Same thing with homegrown in Seattle a few years back.
I do not think it is the power that gets them, but the lack of building up their staff and Front office with quality people. Shanahan had tremendous coaches when they went to the SB's and then he started hiring buddies and guys who would do what he said instead of competent people for a long time.

He did not like collaboration at all, but wanted yes men and sycophants to build him up. It turned a real good talented team into a mediocre team that was supposedly "one or two players" away from greatness. In reality, he did a poor job of player, coach, and Front office acquisition and it finally bit him in the ass with mediocreness for too long due to those factors.

He is still a world class X's and O's guy, but he is a terrible HC and GM most days because of his philosophy on not having great people around him challenging him.
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