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Malik Jackson
Default Coming Up: Cleveland Browns

This rivalry doesn't have the same "Oomph" that it did in the 80s, when it seemed like we went up against the Browns every year in the playoffs. Since the "real" Browns moved to Baltimore, it hasn't been the same. Broncos finish with two games at home, sitting in complete control of their destiny. What could be wrong with that? Hard to get serious about the Browns and Chiefs. Maybe even thoughts of giving Brock some playing time? Even the Cleveland Plain Dealer can't get it up for this one:

Weeden has thrown for 3,281 yards in his rookie season, but has thrown just 14 touchdowns against 17 interceptions.

The Browns rank among the league's bottom half in pass and rush offense, as well as pass and rush defense.

The game plan for this one should be: Peyton gets the fat lead in the first half. Brock comes in. Start putting in second stringers and make sure nobody gets hurt. Pound the ball with Hillman and Hester. Rest who you can.
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