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Derek Wolfe

Originally Posted by broncocalijohn View Post
Fixed and totally agree brah.

Typical apologist for his bad excuse of executioning of a team. I get the love for what he did for the Broncos but that was such a long time ago. I hope he changes his ways and he needed a butt kicking out of Denver to do so. He didn't realize that his **** stinks like everyone else's failures.

I hope he wins the division. Redskins need to finally see a winner.
Do you know how many coaches have resumes that even approach his accomplishments? Do you have any clue as to how absurd you sound?

Shanahan is 12th on the all time wins list, he needs no such thing. He will walk into the pro football hall of fame, with silly spoiled bronco 'fans' like yourself pouting.

He is simply underlining what was already known in the NFL- he's the best offensive coach in the NFL, and has the championship pedigree to prove it.
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