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Originally Posted by TheReverend View Post
Yes, Bronco shut out, but I have it going down differently:

MVP - Watt
OPOY - Peterson
DPOY - Aldon Smith
Coach - Either Pagano/Arians or Shanahan

ROY - Luck
OROY - Griffin (wouldve put him in ROY if he didnt miss due to injury)
DROY - Kuechly
Who was the last defensive player to win MVP? Only one I can think that might have won it was Derrick Thomas. MVP is for all intents and purposes a QB award unless another player completely kills it. Watt has played great but I don't think best in the game.

I have trouble seeing Smith getting DPOY. One trick pony with a ****load of talent around him in SF front 7. I say this is Watt's award.

MVP is either Peyton or Brady(AD can get consideration with a playoff berth)
DPOY is Watt unless he is held in check the next 2 weeks and Von goes beast mode
OPOY is flat out AD. I would agree with Megatron, but Detroit has been a poor tram despite all ideas of them were as a playoff calibre team.
Comeback player is Manning. I would think AD but even off injury he only missed 1 game. Peyton missed a season changed teams was looking at potentially never playing again. Not only came back with all that but pit together an MVP calibre season.
ROY I think has to be RGIII. Statistically best QB of his draft. He saved Shanahan in Washington and has elevated the hope of that team as well as won games. Luck has had a good season following a legend but he had turned the ball over too much.

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