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Originally Posted by sgbfan View Post
I don't know why Pitt can't get a wild card. They beat cinci and they would win a tie breaker. Also If cinci loses their last 2, then that puts Balt at division champs and Pitt in the 6 spot.

Also, Jets aren't out of it yet either.
If Pitts banged up secondary can shut down Green and Dalton I would be surprised. But if they do and Pitt can beat Cinnci next week then Pitt would be in the # 6 spot. If they can win out and Balt loses 2 then they can take div. If cinnci wins then Pitt is done, and cinnci is playing better than the steelers as of late.

The jets can get in , but they need to win 3 and have Pitt and Cinn lose 1 each. They just haven't been consistent enough for that to be realistic although stranger things have happened.

Of all those teams Cinci is the one that I would be most concerned with.

At any rate, Denver needs to be thinking about Cleveland for now.
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