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D.J. Williams

Originally Posted by RedskinBronco View Post
Fair enough shanny jr

Just be ready to get on this board and take your beating if Atlanta, gb or any playoff team lights up shanny like Indy always did.

I watch every game, that defense is typical MS. you need to warn him before he gets all red in the face with another Indy like debacle.

Good for him getting to at least 8 wins though. I'll adopt him as my dad too if he wins a SB in DC
I'm sure glad you aren't holding the loss of Carriker and Orakpo against him. would be hilarious to see you b****ing about some playoff loss after he won a division title with an injury laden roster.

"We have been garbage since 1991 but I'm pissed because he only got me 1 franchise QB and 1 division title and playoff appearance so far.....damn him".
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