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Malik Jackson

I haven't followed the Redskins closely enough to know, but it does seem that Shanahan has resurrected his career. His last few years here, it just seemed he had been tuned out by the players. He had his favorites, and then there was everybody else. When he blew the farm to go after RGIII, a lot of people were calling him crazy, but he seems to have created something there in DC. Can he sustain it with a QB destined to take a lot of hits? Who knows? Already, RGIII is getting knicked. Kirk Cousins sure put in a solid performance yesterday, but then you see that ranking of 29th defense in the league and you wonder if it's not the same old Shanahan.

I still think Luck will have the better, and longer, career. A rookie QB carrying a bad team like Indy to the playoffs? Unheard of.
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