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D.J. Williams

Originally Posted by RedskinBronco View Post
Well you are good at one thing, using the word douche.

Apparently though, you still can't read as this was covered a few posts back.

Now you can go back to sucking shanny's balls. Please let me know if you have trouble reading any of this message.

Man, you really come off as the biggest immature **** with respect to shanahan. Someone must have really done something to you over this; either that, or you are his illegitimate son since shanny is shady wih personal life. Ask him whatever happened to that stolen 3K or whatever it was when they went on the pittsburgh trip for me
Wow one post of praise after you had been dogging him the whole time and I'm supposed to be impressed? I'm not.

You trashed him (personally) repeatedly and you were ungrateful constantly. If you think you aren't going to get called on it (over and over and over) you're sadly mistaken.
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