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I think that Wolfe has done a pretty darn good job this year, especially setting the edge and swarming the run game from the LDE position. I really think the way JDR is utilizing him plays to the strengths of the team and allows other players (like Von) to get some of the glory behind the LOS. We need to draft a penatrating DT this year big time, even if Wolfe is switched. Imagine a Kevin Williams (in his prime) like player at the position and what it would do for this defense.
I don't disagree that given the current personnel and scheme, Wolfe has done well at DE, most notably against the run and letting Von work behind him. But with how Ayers is playing in limited opportunities and his effectiveness against the run, and with Hunter having a phenomenal camp and projected as the starting SDE before being placed on IR, and Malik Jackson a very similar type player as those guys, I think Wolfe should play inside. Hunter and Ayers can play either side, with Jackson able to back up SDE and Doom can get rotated with Hunter or Ayers if it's a running down/situation.

And then focus on drafting a disruptive DT.. though I'd prefer it be a disruptive NT, because Wolfe can play UT, big Vick can back him up, we need some better, active, and younger NTs. I think if you add an Ayers or Hunter at DE, with Miller coming around and Doom on the other side, so much emphasis will be put on double teaming the edge. So Wolfe will have one on ones inside, but you add a big active NT inside, that just sets everything off.
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