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1. MVP: Peterson will ONLY win the MVP if the Vikings go to the playoffs, even if he should have another 1000 rushing yards in his last 2 games and be the first player ever to hit 3000 rushing yards in a season - the fact is that you are not a valuable player if your team doesn't get to the playoffs.
Minn can very easily miss the playoffs playing HOU and GB. I think they miss it, we win out, and PFM gets the MVP.
IF Minn makes the playoffs, I think, for the 3rd time in history, MVP will be split: PFM and AD
2. Offensive player of the year: Calvin Johnson takes Jerry Rice's receiving yards record he will win this award, if he doesn't get the record then Peterson will win - if Peterson gets the record he will win this award.
3. Defensive player of the year: Unless JJ Watt comes up statless in the last 2 and Von Miller beasts both games this award will go to Watt.
Watt gets it no matter what
4. Offensive rookie of the year: This will be between the 3 QBs - with the last 2 games you better believe Russell Wilson will be in the mix.

5. Defensive rookie of the year: Kuechly, David or Wagner.

6. Coach of the year: Looks like Kubiak will get some love, expect the Colts coaches to get some as well and possibly Pete Carroll.
Well said
7. Comeback player of the year: This should go to Peterson regardless what happens, but they may decide to give it to Manning as a consolation price if Peterson wins MVP and offensive player of the year.
Manning will get it no matter what. AD missed 1 game because of his ACL. PFM missed all of 2011. It's no contest in my mind
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