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Originally Posted by Mile High Salute View Post
The point of my post wasn't to bash Moreno - he's worked out better than I ever expected. But there's a reason McGahee was the starter while Moreno was inactive for most of the season. And it's not because our coaches are stupid.
Its because:
1. Moreno needed to get focused on football - he has now.

2. Moreno needed to rehab more from his ACL late last season - he has now.

3. Moreno needed to learn the offense that Manning wants to run - he has now.

I think you're conveniently forgetting that going into last season Moreno was the starter but couldn't stay healthy, opening the door for McGahee in the first place. This is how it works in the NFL, McGahee stepped up when Moreno's injuries gave him an opening and never gave the job back. Now Willis is the one who got hurt and Moreno is the one who's raised the bar over McGahee.

Moreno is only just getting accustomed to this new OL scheme and this new style of downhill running. Yesterday was the first game where his natural elusiveness really started to emerge. He is a far better receiver than McGahee, which is a big deal in a Manning led offense. He's a great system fit who is doing damn good work.

Ideal world for me is that when both are 100% healthy you set up a rotation where Moreno gets 10-15 carries and 2-5 catches per game, McGahee gets 5-10 carries as the power back, and Hillman gets 5-10 carries as the speed back. Go into every game expecting to use that ratio but then ride the hot hand if one emerges.
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