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My boys and I were not sure which team to root for.

We're Broncos fans first and foremost, so we wanted SF to win. But we're also Seattle fans since we live near the Emerald City, so we wanted NE to win.

We decided that the best outcome would be a tie game! But SF already had a tie (against the Rams), so the chances of having another one were slim.

As it is, we're happy. Denver should be able to lock up the #2 seed, then clobber either the Colts or the Ravens. NE will advance to clobber Texas and then be forced to travel to Denver.

Seattle will have to beat the Redskins and then take on the 49ers and then another higher seeded team on the road to get the Big Dance, but believe me: no one in the NFC wants to play the Seahawks right now, not even the 49ers.

I'm predicting our dream matchup: Denver vs. Seattle in the Super Bowl.
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