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Chris Harris

Some will have Patriots still at top because they came back and made a game of it against 49'ers. Some will have Houston because they're 11-2 still even after getting spanked last week. Some will have us, solid road win against a playoff team and 9 straight wins. 49'ers might even get a few #1 votes. All subjective to opinions. It's fun though.

CBSSPORTS has Broncos rated #1 in AFC as of tonight.

Week 15 Judgements:

1. The Houston Texans aren't the best team in the AFC. Denver is. The Broncos are on a nine-game roll, have an underrated defense, a Super Bowl quarterback and a schedule that should make them 13-3 by season's end. Nevertheless, it's Houston that probably gains home-field advantage -- not only because it has a better record but because it holds the tiebreaker with Denver. But don't be fooled. The Texans may get the No. 1 seed, but they're no favorite to win the AFC.

2. The Texans aren't even the second-best team in the AFC; New England is, and there's a 42-14 rout of the Texans to prove it. But Denver and New England probably lock down the second and third seeds, and that's good for Houston ... because it means it only has to face one of them. The good news for Denver is that if all stays the same the next two weeks, it gains the second first-round bye and, if it plays New England, would draw the Patriots at home.

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