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Originally Posted by Bacchus View Post
I think it will be more likely that Baltimore or Cincinnati goes to Houston in the divisional games and beats the Texans. Denver would beat the Pats and then host the AFC Championship game against Baltimore/Cincinnati

It would be cool seeing the Vikings coming to Houston and beating them!

Probable seeding is ( assuming we win out) 1. Houston-bye, 2. Denver-bye,
3 New England , 4A Baltimore ,4B Cincinnatti, 4C Pittsburgh 5 Indy, 6A Cincinnatti, 6B Baltimore ( has clinched a playoff spot due to Pitts loss today). Pitt likely cannot get a wild card spot, unless indy lose its last 2.
Pittsburgh could slip in 4 still, but has to win out and MUST win next week vs Cinn AND must have Balt lose at Cinn. Cincinnatti has to play Balt and Pittsburgh, but they can win the division (4) by winning those two games. A loss and they are likely out. Baltimore has to play the Giants and Cinn. Indy can clinch a playoff spot with a win at KC next week.
Baltimore can back into the playoffs with Pitt or Cinn losses.

Baltimore is not winning anything in the playoffs unless they can get healed up, and that is not likely. Flake-o will be one and done, whether they are 4A or 6B.

6A Cinn or 6B Baltimore go to NE , and lose. 5 Indy at 4B Cinn or 4A Baltimore or 4C Pitt is more interesting. Baltimore would lose, but Cinncinatti/Pitt would present problems for Indy. 75% Probable Cinn/Pitt win.

Second round will be lowest 3 thru 6team at Houston , and next lowest 3 thru 6 team at Denver. That likely means we will be facing Brady and The Patriots in the first playoff game, While Houston likely gets Pitt or Cinn.

I don't think Cinn can knock the Texans off, but Pitt could give them problems.

Assuming we beat the Patriots, we either go to Houston, or Pitt comes to Denver for the AFCC. The way our D is playing I like our chances.

We still are going to have to get by the Patriots, but I lke the game being in Denver a LOT better than Foxboro.
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