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D.J. Williams

I think if Watt breaks the sack record, he would deserve DPOY and if Peterson breaks Dickerson's record, he would definitely deserve MVP. It's no slight on us. Alot of guys (including our guys) can make very good cases for the various awards.

I'm grateful that we're 11-3 and if we play well for two more games, we can get to 13-3 and the No. 2 seed. There's literally no better scenario that could have happened once we were 2-3. The last time I can remember some team winning 11 or more straight regular season games was 1994 when SF started 1-3 and won out. That is the important goal right now. Manning has won MVPs. Von will win multiple DPOY awards whether he wins one in 2012 or not.

Denver is arguably the best team in the entire league right now. We ARE closer to winning a Super Bowl title right now than we have been at any time since January, 1999. This is a stronger team than 2005 and if we can just hold serve at home the next two games we will be well positioned to do it. I'm not afraid of playing at Houston. We're much better than we were when we last played them....and we are LIGHTS OUT at home. So I really couldnt care less about the awards because I can almost taste the title right now. The bye is critical, not only for the home game in the second round, but also because it would give WMac another week to get ready. Moreno has played well, but losing Willis has had an appreciable impact on our Red Zone and Goalline offense. If we could just beat those two remaining teams, I feel good about beating whoever we play in Round 2, even NE, so long as its in DEN. And then with two healty backs, both playing well, we can go into HOU and win and beat whoever the NFC Champion is.

The awards are just side issues at this point. The whole thing is right there in front of us. That's the only thing I really want at this point. Seroiusly, who goes into Baltimore and goes up 31-3? Who has done that at any time in recent memory? This is the best team in the NFL. Keep it up and win the title. Forget the awards.

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