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Brian Dawkins

Originally Posted by ZONA View Post
Where did AD come from? I've always heard Adrian Peterson referred to as AP.
His nickname is "All-Day," so people call him "AD" or "ADP" for short.

For the thread topic: I don't expect the Broncos to be shut out of the awards.

I think Peyton's still the favorite for the MVP, though if the Vikings make the playoffs Peterson could very easily win it. I think Peterson might be a shoo-in for OPOY, though, and they usually don't give that award and the MVP to the same player. And one could argue that Peyton has just as good of a case for Comeback POY as AD, since AD only missed one game while Peyton missed an entire season AND changed teams.

Brady's been very good this season, but I don't think he's got the hype that either Peyton or AD have going.

Watt's probably cemented himself as DPOY, though.
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