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I was looking at how AD just went off on the Rams and is looking to break Dickerson's record. I was skeptical, but it really could happen, and if it does, you have to give him something big - especially if the Vikings make the playoffs. If not MVP, he will probably be the favorite for CPOY.

Then Brady is putting up a ton of yards and TD's late. The loss today will help. They do get the Jags but will have a hard time against the Dolphins at home. I think if the Pats had comeback today Brady would be MVP no matter what happened the rest of the season.

And finally JJ Watt still leads Miller in sacks. He got three more today and 6 tackles for a loss total. He and Smith could both break the sack record for the season. We get to play the Browns and the Chiefs at home, but if something doesn't change, Watt could win it.

My Point? You could see a scenario where Manning and Miller get nothing more than pro-bowl or all pro nods and lose out on the MVP, CPOY and DPOY races because the competition has been so stiff. It would be disappointing, but hardly unfair considering what is being done by these other guys.
Those things would be nice but to tell you the truth I could care less. The only thing those rewards will do is drive up Miller's asking price when he becomes a FA.
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