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Yeah, Moreno is currently outplaying McGahee...because McGahee's injured.
No, he's outplaying McGahee because he's averaging nearly 100 yards rushing in his starts, along with 0 fumbles and an additional 20+ yards recieving. Not to mention he is trusted hugely with pass protection, staying in an average of 10 times a game for pass pro compared to McGahee's 4.

Moreno is playing better than McGahee was in this offense, therefore he will rightfully remain the starter. McGahee lost us games early in the season, particularly the pats game. Moreno is carrying us at times. Moreno is our running game. McGahee did well when he was able to hold on to the ball, but Knowshon is doing better, while not turning it over at the league leading pace McGahee was. One fumble every 33 carries vs 1 fumble every 102 and counting.

Added note - Moreno had 22 carries for 118 yards today. The rest of the team had 23 carries for 45 yards. Food for thought.
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