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I was under the impression the final year of Ayers' contract had voided. Not sure exactly where I got that from, but that's what I believe to be the case. If that is wrong, then we can put off drafting Dumervil's backup for another year.

Ayers is under contract next season.. Did you see how he played today!??

If we assume Wolfe moves inside, than we need to find a DE that can play effectively as a 5 tech. I'm not sure Jason Hunter fits that role, Robert Ayers is pretty stout against the run as well, and he wasn't even considered. Maybe it can just be Malik Jackson.

Hunter would have been the starting SDE.. He is in the 270s, sure hes not close to 300, but if he's stout against against the run and can push the pocket I don't care what his weight is. Jackson and Ayers can play SDE, I would be fine with Hunter backing up Doom or Ayers.. Again, have you been watching the way Ayers has played?!!

We've been really successful this year though. Del Rio may re-think his previous plans concerning Wolfe and just leave him outside moving forward. Which would bring us back to drafting a penetrating DT.

I would draft a DT either way, but I want to see more of Ayers at SDE and I would start kicking Wolfe inside permanately.

We could easily go either direction.
I don't want Wolfe at DE moving forward..
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