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We will NOT lose!

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49ers winning would be the end to an almost perfect day!

1. Broncos WIN in Baltimore and show Flake-o for what he is, run record to 11-3 and keep pressure on NE to keep pace. A nervous Brady is the best kind.
2. KC and SD lose in miserable fashion.
3. Redskins win and Giants Lose! Giants Fading Away ( like Old soldiers do)
Redskins in control of their own destiny.
4. Steelers lose to Dallas and Put Cinnci in position to win division or wild card. Dallas also wins and puts more heat on NY.
5. Jay "cut that meat" and the Bears lose to GB and fall to 8th in the NFC.
Put a fork in em!
6. Seattle wins and puts pressure on SF to win today, to avoid a winner-takes-all game 16 next week. The way Seattle is playing NO one wants to face them now.

Only negative was the Indy loss to Houston, as that would have been even
The Football Gods giveth and they taketh away. Time for some Taketh away to hit the Patriots. They have led a charmed life for too long!
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