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Keep reading people saying he doesn't dance in the backfield anymore....ever occur to you clowns that he no longer has to? He had to dance his first two seasons as the OL just wasn't as good as it is now.

Kept hearing about how he wasn't good enough to run between the tackles...but he had like 17 carries up the middle today.

Kept hearing how he would never be a 20+ carry RB...and he's not had fewer than 20 carries in any start after McGahee went down.

I'm gonna guess that some of you people just don't know a damn thing and like to perpetuate myths about a player you personally dislike because he celebrated a TD in a blowout loss...or was drafted with the 12th overall pick...or was drafted by a head coach you hated. Whatever your reason for hating on him is.....

And quite frankly, watching Knowshon shove it up your collective asses is actually kind of entertaining....
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