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Originally Posted by Rohirrim View Post
Nice to hear from Gradishar and Mecklenburg about the current team. Elway has basically worked magic in a very short time. This off-season will be extremely interesting to me. Do we go after another big time piece for the offense, or add somebody to the Von Doom D? Or both? When you have a HOF QB who you know isn't going to be here long, you have to move quick. What's the old saying? Strike while the iron is hot. Right now, we're hot.
well, outside of Manning we haven't added any real big pieces in the off-season, in terms of FA.
Elway has said he thinks the best way to build a team is through the draft and has stuck to that philosophy since he's been at the helm.

i think that MLB or RB will be the big addition this time around through the draft.
not knocking Hillman or Moreno but i think Elway wants to set this team up to win a super bowl or two with Manning and then continue that success with Brock once Peyton retires without a crucial drop off.
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