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Malik Jackson

36? That's a big list. My top two are easy; Elway and TD, in that order. After that...
Do we go chronologically or what? Guess it doesn't matter. Since I'm more D oriented I would go with Atwater, Dennis Smith, Louis Wright, Simon Fletcher, Meck, Gradishar, Tom Jackson, Alzado, Rubin Carter, Barney Chavous, Steve Foley, Mark Haynes (Go Buffs!), Jim Ryan, Tyrone Braxton, definitely Darrent Williams (can't forget him!), Greg Kragen, Keith Traylor, Glenn Cadrez. On offense (besides Elway and TD), Rich Upchurch, Otis Armstrong (who I met ), Jim Kiick, Craig Morton, Haven Moses, Kubes, Steve Watson, Sammy Winder, Keith Bishop, Steve Sewell, oh, and way up there on the list, Zimmerman, Diaz-Infante, Brian Habib, Mark Schlereth, definitely Matt Lepsis (Go Buffs!), (and add Alfred Williams - Go Buffs! - to my D list), Tony Jones...

is that 36 yet?

Oh, and McCaffery and Rod Smith are way up there at the top.

And somebody tell Michael Dean Perry to get his ass off the field.

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