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Originally Posted by lonestar View Post
Still would be interested in figuring out where the money is coming from to sign all these UFA and who is really n the team.

IIRC lots of guys this year were signed to one year contracts. Gonna have to replace them also or resign them and if we do they will be more expensive than last year.

Free Agents after this year:

1. DT Justin Bannan (1M cap hit in 2012)
2. MLB Keith Brooking (1M cap hit in 2012)
3. SS David Bruton (735k cap hit in 2012)
4. LT Ryan Clady (5.8M cap hit in 2012)
5. OG C.J. Davis (615K cap hit in 2012)
6. OC Dan Koppen (825k cap hit in 2012)
7. FS Jim Leonhard (890k cap hit in 2012)
8. CB Tracy Porter (4M cap hit in 2012)
9. SWR Brandon Stokley (1M cap hit in 2012)
10. DT Kevin Vickerson (1.7M cap hit in 2012)
11. WR Matt Willis (1.2M cap hit in 2012)
12. DT Ty Warren (1.5M cap hit in 2012)
13. DE Jason Hunter (700K cap hit in 2012)

Restricted Free Agents:
1. RB Lance Ball
2. OT Chris Clark
3. CB Tony Carter
4. P Britton Colquitt
5. DT Sealver Siliga
6. DT Mitch Unrein
7. DE Jeremy Beal
8. FB Chris Gronkowski

Either a Free Agent or One Year Left:
1. DE Robert Ayers 2.2M cap hit

You are correct, there will need to be a lot of offseason reshuffling of our deck. The good news is that Tracy Porter's 4M, Ty Warren's 1.5M, Vickerson's 1.7M, Willis' 1.2M, and Brooking's 1M will be available to spread around. So, that's 8.9M right there. Possibly 11.1M if Ayers is a FA. Clady's long term deal could easily give cap relief next year if needed. And the only RFA's we will need to increase their pay to is Tony Carter, Britton Colquitt, and possibly Mitch Unrein and Chris Clark. The draft should bring in at least 3-4 solid players at a cheap cost as well.

It is worth noting that while unlikely, every single DT on our roster could be signed to another team this offseason. Bannan, Vickerson, Unrein, Siliga, and Warren. I think Unrein and Siliga will be back, and Wolfe almost certainly moves inside. Ben Garland is on the Practice Squad. And Malik Jackson can play inside as well. Good chance we do take a DT this draft though unless we bring back Bannan or Vickerson. We'll carry 5 active DTs, including Wolfe and Jackson. If Unrein and Siliga come back, that leaves room for one more active DT (Bannan, Vickerson, Garland, Rookie, Other Free Agent).
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