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Originally Posted by ghostofjosh View Post
I live in the next town over..i have felt sick to my stomach the last few days..seeing pictures of these kids is heartbreaking..our kids schools went into lockdown as well because of the other guy who was on the loose..longest day of my life...obama is coming here today..its so surreal..gutless peice of **** that guy was
Nothin but time will bring any sort of comfort. We have never lost that sick feeling in Colorado since Columbine and Platt Canyon, we just don't have it 24/7 anymore.

I am bring Rachel's Challange to my school. I already had it scheduled, but more happy than ever to do it. If seen Rachel Scott's dad on TV a lot the last couple of days talking about how he has dealt with his pain. Tough. Time and being proactive against this crap has been his approach.
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