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Originally Posted by Willynowei View Post
I generally vote conservative.

But to the people who delude themselves into thinking that the ease of access of guns in this country does not exacerbate greatly the ability of crazies to go on mass killing sprees like this one...

Your'e ****ing stupid, and i hope you get erased from the gene pool soon.
Taking guns away or making them illegal has done nothing to stop gun usage in Chicago or new York. While crime may be down the thugs still have guns.

It would have. Been easier to kill folks at the theater months ago by getting into a big rig and mowing them down as they stood in line to get in.

Or bringing in a can of gas and blowing the place up.

There is no way of stopping crazy people from killing others.

Had any of those teachers or front office staff had conceal carry licensees and been armed perhaps no one would have been killed. Or far fewer .. Same goes for the theater in Colorado.

Crazies will find a way. If they are on a mission.
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