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I doubt Bowe gets franchised again, considering the long hold out and the distraction it caused. Not to mention, it's about $11.5 million if they franchise him again, isn't it?

If they draft a QB, makes sense to reach a longterm deal with Bowe though. Worth trying at least.

Far as the QB goes, there isn't a guy that's probably truly a #1 type pick. But KC or whoever is at #1 will convince themselves to take someone #1 (likely Geno). Maybe Tyler Wilson has a monster Senior Bowl, and really impresses teams and ends up being the pick.

Be interesting to see if Clark really has it in him to fire Pioli/Crennel at the end of the year.
Bowe wants to stay. He's said so.

As for the QB debate, I'm still laughing at scouts for their funny takes. They did the same thing in 2005. 2004 was an elite class and they didn't rate the next QB class very high, and neither did teams as this QB fell on draft day. That QB was Aaron Rodgers and he is a better QB now than the entire 2004 class. Just goes to show you never know.

Geno isn't a generational QB, but he is a guy you can build a franchise around. He's accuracy is incredible, he rarely turned the ball over all 3 years, he played in 2 systems and played extremely well, he has a very quick release, he's a very smart kid who is a perfectionist and is said to have a very good football IQ and his pocket presence is extremely good.

I like this Glennon kid too. Reminds me a lot of Matt Ryan (his coach, who was Ryan's coach at BC, made this comparison too).
He has great size (6'6" 332 lbs), an extremely strong arm, said to have a really high football IQ and did a great job despite having horrible WR's and a bad coach. If he was at USC this year, I think he would have had 4,000+ passing yards, 40+ TD's and a 60% or better completion percentage.
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