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Originally Posted by Willynowei View Post
I generally vote conservative.

But to the people who delude themselves into thinking that the ease of access of guns in this country does not exacerbate greatly the ability of crazies to go on mass killing sprees like this one...

Your'e ****ing stupid, and i hope you get erased from the gene pool soon.
I don't think making them harder to buy makes it any better. Also restricting the kinds of guns doesn't help much either because any firearm can kill a lot of people. Was it even the rifle he used for most of the damage or a handgun.

So yes we have to have sane gun laws but I'm not sure that will stop the mass killing incidents. We need the laws just because its a good idea to do whatever we can to stop mentally disabled or criminals from easily buying them.

But gun control really hard to pass outside of token laws to limit high powered military style weapons.
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