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don't really see how that's a red herring in the least. basically the article recapitulates my point about Swiss gun ownership and then speculates about how it might change. I actually quite agree with a point brought up earlier in this thread about mandatory conscription in the military for a short time, if only to learn about how to handle and maintain a weapon. I also think society could benefit from GTFOff facebook and instagram for awhile and maybe (temporarily) getting bossed around a bit. whatever, that's the Swiss's prerogative, but I'd personally be wary. human beings don't change, and we're only a few decades removed from one of the darkest periods in human history. a hop, skip, and jump away geographically, too.
The redeeming feature about military service is that it can teach people discipline, not about handling and maintaining weapons. I like the idea of people being able to take away what they've learnt and applying it to their life. Valuable life skills although it would be better if other avenues could be explored which weren't focused around promoting the use of the military.

I disagree. Humans do change although we'll always have the same animal instincts.
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