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I agree, individuality and our freedom to define norms is perfectly fine (within limits of course). I'm not calling for a big brother state. I really don't see what's so crazy about wanting to eradicate guns and gun ownership.

Dr Broncenstein: I can understand the stance that people have about protecting themselves, but why do you have so many? I'd fancy myself more with a single gun than coming out duel-wielding rifles.
don't really see how that's a red herring in the least. basically the article recapitulates my point about Swiss gun ownership and then speculates about how it might change. I actually quite agree with a point brought up earlier in this thread about mandatory conscription in the military for a short time, if only to learn about how to handle and maintain a weapon. I also think society could benefit from GTFOff facebook and instagram for awhile and maybe (temporarily) getting bossed around a bit. whatever, that's the Swiss's prerogative, but I'd personally be wary. human beings don't change, and we're only a few decades removed from one of the darkest periods in human history. a hop, skip, and jump away geographically, too.
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