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Originally Posted by Jason in LA View Post
Why does a black woman care about a black man dating outside of the race? I don't really know, I can only speculate on that, but it is a conversation in the black community. Black women tend to not like that.
Black women tend not to like breaking a nail. a black man dating a snow bunny is way beyond that on the scale.
now with that said, it's mostly a maturity thing in regards to concern over interracial relationships. the idea of betraying one's race because you don't see color when relating to a person you want to be with is a foolish idea.

the "you either act and think like me or you're not really black." attitude that some take on is silly.

i'm African American and i'm sorry but i don't have a ghetto bone in my body.
i was raised in the backwoods around hillbillies and honky tonk.
i've never been to a rap concert but i've been to multiple bonfires and state fairs.
almost every time i say this "oh you're not really black then."
even at my job when i have to resolve issues, i talk to people on the phone and when they come in and i meet with them "oh you weren't the one i was talking to, where's the nice white man i talked to on the phone?"
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