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The first part of Ice-T's quote is hard to fault. Cleaning up guns in America would be an impossible task. We have problems in the UK with knife crime, albeit not on the same scale of gun crime and sure there is gun crime here too.

Maybe it's time for politics and conscience to move on. It's 2012.

Out of interest, those who have firearms, what are you 'packing'? handguns, rifles, shotguns?
lulz, I disagree there. the primacy of the individual conscience is as close as you can come to everlasting truth for me, and "moving on" from that is a profound regression. it's also how terrible **** happens. there's a reason the Swiss mandate gun ownership.

I personally don't own a gun, but I plan on doing so someday when I have a family. I live in Texas and people generally assume I have one anyway.
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