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Originally Posted by Blighty View Post
I can accept if farmers need them, but why can't hunters have their guns at the local police station, for the guns to be checked in and out? There's absolutely no reason for anyone to own an assault rifle, absolutely no reason whatsoever. If people enjoy it as a hobby then maybe they should join or start a clay pigeon shooting group instead of slaughtering animals 'for fun'.

Considering you can't ban people, guns is the obvious suggestion. 'Right to own a firearm', sounds as prehistoric as 'right to own a slave'.
Most farmers do not shot corn, or potatoes.

As for checking guns in and out of the copper shop. No way I allow anyone to handle my gun, rifle or weapon but family.

Most hunters are not out for fun they keep and eat their kill.

I realize that you are shown in England and had we had your views on firearms perhaps we would still be a colony.

Most Americans believe that owning a firearms is a right and responsiblity that is a core belief, a right given us by our constitution.

A concept a Limey would never get.
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