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Originally Posted by tesnyde View Post

I agree 100% with what you are saying. We need friends, family's and to be involved in our communities if we want real change.

That means volunteering, and being role models to not only our kids but others as well.

My 10 year old daughter volunteers already, I am on the board of the friends of our local library and an historical site in the area. We sit down to dinner EVERY night and we have blocks of time with no TV on (hard with a 5 and 10 year old). It doesn't mean my kids are perfect but they have a better shot at being more successful or adjusted than most.

I read an article in Time recently that suggested there either be a Mandatory enlistment for an armed force or Mandatory National Service requirement after High School (or age requirement). People would be taught disipline and perform service for others. Kids who didn't learn how to be successful in the home would get it in an enviroment where they help other people and their community.

It feels good to be involved in the community and help others. Try it people.

Glad to know at least one family is functional in the USA.. Only wished that more would be..

as for the time article i did not see it but after my time in the military I have thought the same thing for decades..

Instead of allowing kiddies to go to college right away for many they are not mentally ready to be on their own.. let them serve in the military, job corps as care takers for the elderly or in day cares.. but mainly the former two make them go to a boot camp type function to learn how to do things for themselves, giving back to the country in some manner..

when they are done with their service we pay for matching years of college in a state school or a trade school of some sort..

IMO they will be better motivated to actually learn something in school as well as more mature.. This gives us some service back to the US and just maybe makes them into a real person..

for those not going on to school just perhaps they may figure out this is better than flipping burgers or selling drugs..
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