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Really? I didn't know you knew him. The reports I'm hearing is that there is no confirmation that he was autistic. I know about autism and the way the children are. It's rare you can give them a hug, or get in their world. I was not associating them to my feelings on mental health at all. I said I was watching a Dr and families with autistic kids and they said they find it hard to believe he was autistic and took this action. Obviously it's rare.
All reports say they believe he had a personality disorder/autism. The neighbors also said this.

You cannot be 20 years old and not have a disorder to go and shoot up kids without feeling a damn thing, there is NO POINT. What would one who could feel GAIN for shooting up kids? This is different from school shootings that involve bullying.

And no, just because a kid is autistic doesn't mean you can't hug them or get in their world. There are different spectrums of autisms. There is a SCALE. This is what I'm talking about, just because I put in the word autistic you automatically have a vision of a stereotype. It doesn't function like this.

This is like you saying I know about black people...they're usually athletes and very fast. That's literally what you just said about autism.

Now tell me, do you think society is informed enough about mental conditions?

Families with autistic kids isn't deep enough, some kids might have an autistic kid who can't function. (higher end of the scale). Their child would be irrelevant here since it's not the same condition.

I'm sure the Dr.'s would obviously be surprised it went to this extent, but there are autistic kids who resort to violence once things don't go their way. That's just the seed. I didn't see these doctors, but depending on their specialty and experience, that would play a role too.

You combine this with whatever life this kid has had, what he's been exposed to, and how he thinks about it + having the access of guns/irresponsible mom then you have a situation.

Yes this is a rare case... no one shoots up a school full of kids.

According to reports, they have found what they believe is motive... so that will be interesting.
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