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John Mobley

Originally Posted by Action View Post
... you seem like you're very uninformed. Saying autism isn't a mental illness is actually medically correct, however, it's really gives people the same picture of the situation because how uninformed society is.

To make it simple:

Austism is something kids are BORN with...a disorder.

Mental illness is something people DEVELOP.

In this case, he was AUTISTIC. He can't be given a pill to treat his situation. If you do research in aspergers and some others, you will find that people with these conditions cannot feel for other people, they can only feel for themselves. Literally, if they see someone in pain, they can't feel anything for that person. They CAN'T, not that they don't WANT.

Like I said, anything else is a cop out... and individual that is aware on mental health would understand what this situation is about.
Really? I didn't know you knew him. The reports I'm hearing is that there is no confirmation that he was autistic. I know about autism and the way the children are. It's rare you can give them a hug, or get in their world. I was not associating them to my feelings on mental health at all. I said I was watching a Dr and families with autistic kids and they said they find it hard to believe he was autistic and took this action. Obviously it's rare.
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