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I wouldn't put what happened at that school in the same sphere as a traffic jam or burrito toppings. Human beings create meaning. It's what they do.
sure, but the argument applies there more than ever. if those children (still tough to type) mean anything more than random conglomerations of gristle and bone, there has to be a god. their meaning must be a priori to their physical manifestation. a material view of the cosmos would logically ascribe the same meaning to them as it does to a wave crashing on a shore or a breeze through the trees, and there is nothing tragic about either of those things. I bet Adam Lanza saw them in the same light, and it might be his view of god in the cosmos that ultimately led this.

if your criteria for meaning is "human beings create it," then basically every fit of passion or ill-informed pipe-dream is valid, including a blind belief in god.
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