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Anyway. Anybody who doesn't question the existence of God after an event like this has neither a brain, nor free will.
okay? I think we're well past impulsive questioning of god. or I thought we were. I do it everyday. it's a running joke between my brother and I to declare "god is dead" every time some mishap happens.

traffic on the interstate? "god is dead"

some dude orders extra sour cream (the devil's milk) on his burrito? "god is dead"

Willis McGahee fumble? "god is dead"

you get the idea. it's basically ridiculing people who blame god or a
think crappy circumstances in the world prove his nonexistence. the circumstances lose the weight of their crappiness once god is ruled out of the picture, because nothing matters otherwise. I don't know if anything matters, so that's why I don't know if there is a god. I do know that if things do matter, there has to be. it's illogical to think you give meaning to your own existence. a nice little warm feeling perhaps, but illogical nonetheless.
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