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CJ Anderson

At the start of this looking on paper I thought we would be lucky to go 10-6, Maybe 11-5 if things worked out right. 8-8 if there were growing pains of if Peyton wasn't back to normal.

There are "playoff" teams like duh bears who lose or narrowly win against bad teams, Denver has taken care of business after sorting out things out after week 5.

Also before week 5 we had a guy named Joe Mays starting at MLB. I don't blame him for singlehandly losing those 3 games but he had a lot to do with being out of position vs Pats and Houston being able to run on us.

I love how Fox tweaked the team as the year went on, never being complacent or just content to show up and play the dudes he picked to start at the begining of the year.
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